M@hiri connects Football/Soccer Clubs/Teams, Schools, Colleges, Academies, Retail Outlets and their fans with personalised Football/Soccer Products, Casual Wear Products, Leisure/Athletic Footwear and Apparels in bulk quantities. 
Our bulk ordering process via our Sale Agents also allows us to personalise for any organisation their products interests and choice at the point of manufacture.
For example, Your name or Logo on your products, You want a particular patterned designs and colours on your football/soccer balls, with Your Logo, we provide all such services at the point of manufacture. 
Due to the availability of these services we operate with manufactures to a 30-90 days delivery cycle, we therefore are not always able to carry inventory of the entire M@hiri Brand Range. When this happens we will do our utmost to acquire your desired products in a timely manner. 
Order bulk with one of our friendly Sales Agents or single items from outlets where M@hiri branded products are sold.

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